John Nurminen Foundation - Clean Baltic Sea

John Nurminen Foundation

The John Nurminen Foundation was founded in 1992 on the initiative of Juha Nurminen with the aim of preserving the maritime history collection that has been compiled in the family company over the decades.

The John Nurminen Foundation maintains the cultural heritage and traditions of Finnish seafaring and maritime history. The Foundation has two key areas of operation: cultural activities focusing on maritime history, and the environmental work in its Clean Baltic Sea Projects.

The cultural operations of the Foundation emphasise the history of seafaring, exploration and cartography. This is supported by the Foundation’s collection of naval art, ancient maps and maritime antiques. The Foundation publishes books, arranges exhibitions and lends its material to national and international exhibitions.

The John Nurminen Foundation has promoted for a  cleaner Baltic Sea since 2004. Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects have two area of operation:

1. Projects related to the Eutrophication of the Baltic Sea

2. The project related to Tanker Safety on the Baltic Sea

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